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TFBOYS QQ music concert will premiere exclusive new song live online

LOS ANGELES 2016 domestic popular combination TFBOYS the third anniversary of the Army, and will be released August 6 again boarded the Beijing music as the Ecology Center sports arena, to bring fans a visual feast. The meeting will be the third anniversary of the “trilogy” as the theme, writing TFBOYS new music chapter. More importantly, the meeting will be the first day TFBOYS will sing hit songs, music and TFBOYS gold partner QQ music will also be the exclusive online live appearances, and with the majority of Clover witness their “quasi hit single” the first exposure.

In the upcoming meeting session, TFBOYS three members will debut three new attitude and a unique form brings performances, highlighting the unique features of each member.

At the same time, the team will meet the full upgrade, the team will be directed to create, music director Chen Junting, music and Manpower Wang Yajun, Wu Mei Yeung team, dancers SDT Dance-day mission, are Mayday, SHE, JJ, Angela and so the king and queen day group Queen performed cooperation team, the TFBOYS its powerful combination of people look forward to a strong lineup.

As domestic users the most influential digital music platform, exclusive online broadcast platform QQ music is TFBOYS tacit partners: the well-known “no perfect child”, “Truth or Dare” and other hits are made QQ music exclusive debut, not only successive refresh QQ music peak chart recording, also hit a high sung; March of this year, three small only more to join QQ Music “MUSIC +” program, become Tencent official work card star colleagues and for two consecutive years in the QQ music performances bring limited peak standings.

It is reported that, TFBOYS will likely be included in the August 6 brings new songs to their next meet at the new album, as usual, QQ music will also bring the song live for the first time after the first song official studio version of the song. Worth the wait.

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