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“State representatives 2” players to bring hockey coach Wu Dazhu login press conference

Actress Jin Ji-hee, Park Jin Rui, Ha Jae-sook, Zinsser Qi, Wu Yan book, show love, Wu Dazhu

LOS ANGELES (text / Remy) July 6 morning, “the representatives of 2” production report will be held in Seoul City Dongdaemun District MEGABOX theater. Show director Jin Zhongxian to bring love, Wuda Zhu, Wu Yan book, Ha Jae-sook, Zinsser Qi, Jin Rui Park, Jin Ji-hee and other actors attended the report meeting.

The first “national representatives” who harvested 840 million people at the box office, has become a box office success in the history of the best sports movie theme. And after a lapse of seven years, “the representatives of 2” will appear in the first team women’s ice hockey national team for the Olympic Winter Games and the story of the Korean emergency organized as a sequel to the box office will also be the first challenge.

Jin Zhongxian director said, “because it is the sports-themed films, hoping to scenes like real hockey athletic performance out of the same. I think that in order to make a good movie, the game scenes must be very vividly. All crew members are doing a lot of investigation, but also to match the scene to do a thorough analysis of the actors from three months ago began to accept hockey practice. in accordance with the idea of ​​the perfect shot, feeling really want to thank everyone. “

The Republic of Korea’s first female team tells the story of “national representatives 2” will be on August 11 released in South Korea.

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