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South Korean law from ten million at the box office this summer to see what portion of Korean films to look forward to?

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LOS ANGELES (text / Remy) the first half of 2016, Korean cinema has not born any one movie at the box office ten million, since 2013 is the first time such a situation. Ever reach tens of millions of people in South Korea a total of 15 movies at the box office, in which 11 South Korean film, four foreign films. Through these 15 movies, it can be summed up three blockbusting movies in common law.

• Rule one: row in summer and winter schedule

15 million passengers at the box office of the cinema, the summer schedule (6,7, August) and autumn schedule (12, 1 February) released accounted for 12. Only three exceptions, namely “Interstellar (Interstellar)” (2014), “Duplex King” (2012), “The Avengers 2: Alltronic era (Avengers: Age of Ultron)” (2015).

Came in summer and winter schedule of 12 film distribution is very balanced, summer six, six winter. Summer released in July, has five, in winter release in December accounted for four. The interesting point is that in the summer release schedule among the foreign films, not a box office reach tens of millions of people. From the traditional point of view, the summer schedule is a Korean-made film the golden season. Thus, in July this year, the upcoming “Incheon Landing Operation” and “Busan line” is considered promising chops, this year’s ten million South Korean box office movie.

• Rule two: released within four days at the box office with millions of 40 days over ten million

15 million passengers in the Box Office movie all released within four days to reach a million people to break box office records. Including 12 in the 40 days to reach millions of people at the box office. 2005 release of “King and the Clown” Despite the poor sheet discharge rate, only 313 screens, but in the first 67 days of release even broke the box office million passengers mark. “Interstellar” box office reached ten million took 50 days, “Frozen” (2013) released in the first 46 days to break ten million at the box office. “Interstellar” and “Frozen” both films as parents and children can watch movies in common, it is compared to cinemas during the longer. The highest box office in Korea creator of “battle of myeongnyang” only took 12 days to achieve a ten million at the box office, described as menacing.

• Rule Three: the last movie about the strong momentum

Compared to the future and the present to the past as the background of the film has become the mainstream of ten million movie. Among them, the “battle of myeongnyang”, “international market”, “assassination”, “double king”, “defender”, “King and the Clown” and other Korean unique character as about past events or movies are impressively. The high popularity of the hero in the movie, only “The Avengers 2: Alltronic era” reached a ten million at the box office, the film has scenes shot in Seoul. All in all, can evoke the era of resonance, or from a higher awareness of the content of materials in the film, is more likely to achieve the goal of ten million at the box office. From this standard, this year’s summer schedule “Incheon Landing Operation” and “Princess Deokhye” have occupied the commanding heights of the box office.

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