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Sofia Bao Tel: How to become a blockbuster starring dancers from Madonna

“Hollywood Reporter” Chinese station reported July 5 (Author: Annie Howard)

34-year-old British actress Sophia treasure Stella, she is about to usher in the second blockbuster release, this is the “Star Trek: Beyond” (Star Trek Beyond). Sofia for the first time as a co-star in blockbusters, or in the “gold medal agents: Ace Institute” (Kingsman: The Secret Service), when she just give up their dancing career, to seek work in show business.

“At the end of a dance career,” the gold medal agents: Ace Academy “appeared in my first movie.” Sophia Tel Bao told the “Hollywood Reporter”: “I have no work for two years, and then suddenly I We get the star of “trump card agents” opportunity. “

In 17 to 19 years old, Sofia Tel treasure had acted in some small production of the film, and then she began dancing career to become a dance pop diva Madonna. “I remember when Super Bowl performance,” Sophia said: “I told Madonna: ‘I feel like I can not always jump, having been two years, but I need to stop, I’ve been doing enough in this line. ” Bao Stella said Madonna was very supportive of her decision, although worried that she would not work for a long time, but Madonna still strongly praised her desire to pursue their dreams.

“In a way, I hid myself behind the successful dancers, I never really realized the leap and then one day I thought: ‘I really love acting,’ I felt I had to be brave. “Sophia Bao Stella added:” I then realized that his reason for dancing, because I can be a choreographer, but later I had lost the desire to do choreographer acting for me. It feels more natural, so I do it. “

Since the beginning of acting, Sofia Tel treasure has been engaged in a large-budget, in addition to “the gold medal agents: Ace Academy” and “Star Trek: Beyond”, she also starred Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy” (The Mummy) served as co-star. Despite the self-discipline and physical fitness to make her different from the other actors, but Sophia treasure Stella said: “I do not feel different with the other actors, I think this line is a palette actor, you’re just one of them color as a color, you are not better than the other colors. “

“I do not let myself as before, there is a sense of discipline.” Sophia said: “.. I have decided to make their own breakthrough a lot of actors I cooperate very disciplined, I think this is pretty amazing.”

Sofia also told the “Hollywood Reporter”: “In dancing, you have to pay attention to your body language and body movements, which also show a very important part of how you play the character will move how they carry themselves because.?? I was a dancer, so I’m used to observe other people, when the dancer’s experience gave me this gift, so I always used to be inseparable from such a background dancer. “

Sofia is also trying to keep previous work experience affect their choice of roles: “For me, the attraction psychology with limbs equally important role in the selection so when I first saw the role of psychological description, then It is about the role of the body part. “

Justin Lin directed “Star Trek: Beyond” by Chris Penn, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Idris Elba, Sophia and Tel treasure shortly before the death of Anton Eugene starring film will be released July 22.

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