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If Zhang Yun debut “Sky City” conference to offer a plurality of first drama

LOS ANGELES July 5, the drama “Nine Sky City” in Beijing held a grand launch conference, given the long-awaited premiere profile July 20, when Zhang Yun, Guan Xiaotong, Liu Chang debut. 2016 masterpiece frequent, constantly hanging open when Zhang Yun handsome appearance, successfully hold live a dark khaki suit, stylish reproduction of original clothing items men of God, but also because the show blew gave their multiple “first.”

If Zhang Yun to play gave the “first” conference live show Jingqiang English

“Fifteen years waiting for birds”, “green hill fox legend” “Sparrow” “Nine Sky City” ……’s first movie together works “sky fire”, Zhang for this year is bound to be in terms of strength Ruoyun hanging open in a year. Although the works pick one, if Zhang Yun challenging role is not the same, trying to become a niche in the post-85 Warlords spokesman. In the upcoming broadcast of “Kyushu Sky City”, and he gave more than the first time. Conference, Zhang Ruoyun admit, this is his first time since the shooting with the United States pupil, for the first time and has no entrance partner who first starred in fantasy themes, for the first time to play a population of emperor. When asked to learn that they are not tyrants and English, Zhang Ruoyun humor site on the show for a while in English, “beijinglish” amused laughter bursts.

If national partner Zhang Yun daughter “Sky City” compose interracial sadomasochistic fantasy

“Nine Sky City” is the famous “Nine” view of the world as the background of the new original video IP, around the two communities for people feather star Sky City Liuhua God and fight to expand, while interleaving the two generations of both good and bad. Play, played by Zhang Yun Yu family if the wind Wong Tin Yat, because of the special growth environment, develop a rude and overbearing character, but true love is experiencing “deep soul”, spectra become some interracial sadomasochistic fantasy It is a “high-handed and affectionate” combination. As a “national girl” costume header off work after the entrance Xiaotong, Zhang Ruoyun love with her in the play sadomasochistic become a major attraction. Speaking of cooperation with the customs Xiaotong, Zhang Yun said with a smile as if “national girl” like themselves in the play, so much the better father.

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