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Ha Jung-woo “tunnel” is really the role of public capital in distressed Poster

LOS ANGELES (text / Remy) disaster blockbuster “tunnel” (Director: Jincheng Xun) discloses a Ha Jung-woo’s character poster survival.

The open living among the posters alone trapped in collapsed tunnel in incommunicado Masahide (Ha Jung-woo ornaments) anxious expression to attract people’s attention. With heavy home will, Masahide although did not give up hope of rescue, but waited and waited after rescuers still not arrived. His face appeared tired traces disheveled hair and thick stubble that he has been isolated in ruins for a long time. So these days is how to get through to him, one can not help the film even more curious.

With fatigue and disappointment slogan “I’m still alive ah ……” and Ha Jung-woo that complex expression, showing a man trapped under extreme conditions mood changes. And as the only people trapped in the rubble, he also staged a real and difficult survival in mind. Only through this poster, you can feel the movie his unique sense of presence, very persuasive.

Ha Jung-woo’s movie box office has been attracting a lot of attention. Last year, he starred in “Assassination” (Director: Cui Dongxun) among the ten million at the box office for the film, this “tunnel” could have been another ten million records also highly anticipated.

“Tunnel” is the authenticity of a disaster movie, tells the story of an ordinary man on the way home encountered a tunnel collapsed and people trapped in the ruins of which occur in practice than during the rescue story. Movies include card Division Ha Jung-woo, Bae Doona, Wu Dazhu and other actors, Zhang Jing “come to an end,” the director Jincheng Xun.

“Tunnel” in August this year will be officially released in Korea.

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